Loreto was born and raised in Abruzzo, Italy and moved to Rome as a young adult. In 2012, he relocated his family to California to pursue his career and passion in Filmmaking.

While in Italy, Loreto worked alongside famous Italian Filmmaker Alberto Pandolfi for AP Produzioni TV. He also spent over a decade with the Vatican Television Center (CTV) in Vatican City as a cameraman and video editor. In the Vatican, Loreto worked closely with state-of-the-art equipment and gained valuable experience in working among the highest level of diplomacy and video production standards in the world.

To fulfill his creative appetite, Loreto also worked on various projects with a number of reputable production companies around Rome during his time with the Vatican.

As a creative artist, Loreto strives to continually challenge himself by welcoming projects that vary greatly in subject matter and genre. He has filmed documentaries throughout the world, traveling to Africa, the Middle East, South America, Greenland, Europe, the United States and more. Loreto is passionate about people, places, experiences and bringing beautiful stories to life through his extraordinary creative talents.