Life is about experiences and sharing those with others. Behind every product and every person there is a story. My expertise is helping connect, feel and share your experiences through film. As a master curator of visual art, give me the opportunity to create something for you - and through over two decades of my unique exposure to art, life, and light, I'll bring your story to life. 

 Filmmaker: Loreto Di Cesare


Snapshot of Loreto's Work

LoretoDC, 2013 -Riccardo B. Photographer-

LoretoDC, 2013 - Inside the Tether car racing world. 

Roberto Mazzoni, 2011 -Matchu, Capo Verde-

Symposium, 2007 -Greenland-


Appetitofil, 2001/2005 -Food Show-

APProduzioniTV, 1999 -Senegal-

APProduzioniTV, 1996/1998 -Mission 90, El Salvador-

APProduzioniTV, 1996/1998 -Mission 90, Cambodia-

APProduzioniTV, 1996/1998 -Mission 90, Madagascar-


Eternal City Experience the first snow in Rome in over 20 years.

IdeeFilms, 2014/2015 -RevolutionFoodMovie-

Sub Pop's, 2012 -Dum Dum Girls -Lord Knows-(Official Video)

Idee Film & Productions, 2012/2015 -Show Reel-

Symposium, 2006 -Amazon, Brazil-

APProduzioniTV, 2000/2001 -Video Inchiesta-

APProduzioniTV, 1997 -Cambodia-

APProduzioniTV, 1996/1998 -Mission 90, Peru-

APProduzioniTV, 1996/1998 -Mission 90, Las Vegas-